As your future Virtual Assistant, I take off several major “to-do’s” on your list, so you can do what you do best: create, innovate, and grow your business or organization!

Social Media Management

  1. Set up new pages/accounts/groups
  2. Schedule content for automatic posting
  3. Engage customers and community
  4. Curate and share content
  5. Provide quality customer service on social media outlets
  6. Design banners/headers/backgrounds
  7. Increase traffic, and grow followings/likes
  8. Operate giveaways/contests
  9. Promote posts
  10. Write or update online business profiles (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn)
  11. Manage online communities
  12. Generate social media performance reports
  13. Brand reputation monitoring

Content Production

  1. Curate photos
  2. Edit photos
  3. Create graphics
  4. Upload, edit, proofread, format & schedule posts for publication
  5. Improve posts with social share option (i.e. click to tweet)
  6. Add affiliate links to posts
  7. Coordinate with contributors & guest posters
  8. Manage editorial calendar
  9. Generate topic ideas
  10. Draft content
  11. Topic research
  12. Compile, format & upload ebooks
  13. SEO research

Digital Marketing

  1. Create & design flyers/brochures/newsletters
  2. Create & run Google/Facebook ad campaigns
  3. Copywrite ads
  4. Outreach
  5. Google Analytics reporting
  6. SEO strategy
  7. Email marketing & build email lists
  8. Write product descriptions
  9. Stuff & address envelopes
  10. Business or product launch strategy
  11. Draft and send Press Releases

Administrative Support

  1. Build/manage contacts
  2. Book appts
  3. Monitoring video mails
  4. File management
  5. Data entry
  6. Create reports
  7. Prepare presentations
  8. Draft letters & emails

Customer Service

  1. Process digital orders/shipments
  2. Process refunds
  3. Handle customer inquiries
  4. Operate live chat
  5. Follow-ups on orders/inquiries
  6. Update member records
  7. Approve requests to join a membership community
  8. Set up or update CRM tools

E-mail/Inbox Management

  1. Get inbox to zero daily
  2. Set up Gmail or any other email clients
  3. Reply to common questions
  4. Draft common e-mail responses to be copied for quicker responses
  5. Flag important messages that need a reply
  6. Follow up on sent emails
  7. Delete spam
  8. Unsubscribe from unwanted promotional lists
  9. Tag/archive emails